THCA Diamonds vs. Live Resin

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Debates are never too far away in the world of cannabis and hemp-derived products. One popular controversy you’ll typically encounter is the THCA diamonds vs. live resin argument. Which is better? And what makes one different from the other?

In this article, we attempt to extensively compare THCA diamonds and live resin while highlighting their key similarities and differences. You’ll also discover all the information you need to know about effects, potency, and more.

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Key Takeaways

  • THCA diamonds are potent and contain THCA at very high levels, typically as high as 99% in many cases.
  • Live resin is unique because it is designed to preserve the terpene content of cannabis plants.
  • Live resin gives more flavor than diamonds but may not be as potent.
  • Live resin and diamonds differ on many grounds, including physical structure and color.

What are THCA Diamonds?

THCA diamonds are a type of cannabis concentrate that takes the form of solid crystalline structures and contains THCA. Like other kinds of diamonds, the way to take THCA diamonds is by vaping or smoking, and you can do this with a  flower or all on its own.

Some of the most important things to note about THCA diamonds are that it is one of the purest forms of cannabis concentrate on the market, containing as much as 98% THCA. In addition, although THCA is ordinarily non-psychoactive, you’ll typically get high if you vape or smoke THCA diamonds.

This happens because heat triggers the conversion of THCA to THC. The process is called decarboxylation.

What Does THCA Feel Like?

Consuming THCA on its own does not have a special feel attached to it because it is non-psychoactive. So, don’t expect to feel euphoria or giddiness.

However, when you take THCA diamonds by vaping or smoking, you will definitely “feel something.” The high that comes from vaping THCA diamonds can be intense and strong because THCA has been converted to THC at this point.

Furthermore, because of the high purity levels of THCA diamonds, when they transform into THC, they are also very pure, creating a strong sense of euphoria, altered perception, and giddiness.

What is Live Resin?

Live resin is a unique type of cannabis concentrate made via a special extraction process that ensures it retains its natural aroma and flavor.

Ordinarily, when you extract cannabinoids and concentrates from cannabis plants, you go through a stage called the drying and curing stage, where the trichomes of cannabis plants are exposed to heat and light for a period of time.

However, with live resin, the curing stage is skipped. Instead, once cannabis plants are harvested, they are flash-frozen, and then a solvent is applied for extraction.

The effect of skipping that stage is that cannabis plants retain their terpene profile, which is usually massively lost during the drying and curing stage; these terpenes are responsible for the flavor and aroma of cannabis plants and other potential medical benefits.

As a result, live resin is a cannabis concentrate rich in terpenes, ensuring that it can guarantee exciting flavors and aroma alongside the “high.” In addition, you’ll also get to enjoy the entourage effect — the combined effect of the various other compounds in the cannabis flowers to improve your experience.

Comparing Liquid Diamonds with Live Resin

Liquid diamonds are an exciting combination of live resin and THCA diamonds, basically attempting to give consumers the best of both worlds. These products contain a live resin sauce with THCA diamonds.

As a result, users can enjoy the deep flavors you get from live resin while still enjoying an intense high experience.

Compared to live resin, these liquid diamonds are more potent in their ability to get users high. In addition, they differ from live resin in terms of texture and flavor.

Therefore, the texture of liquid diamonds is usually an opaque blend of solid and liquid components, while live resin has a honey-like and viscous texture and is usually amber in color. Also, regarding flavor, live resin typically has a fruity taste due to its high terpene content, while liquid diamonds are usually more earthy and herbal.

Despite these differences, both concentrates still have a lot in common. For instance,  they differ from distillate in terms of the kind of “high” they will give you. You can expect deep euphoria and giddiness with distillates but almost no flavors.

With liquid diamonds and live resin, you are certain of a more holistic experience – intense flavors and a solid high. Furthermore, you can consume live resin and liquid diamonds almost the same way – dabbing, smoking, or vaping.

Lastly, note that you may refer to liquid diamonds as “live diamonds” because they differ from normal diamonds with their live resin content. Therefore, in a discussion on live diamonds vs. diamonds, live diamonds have more flavor but less potency than normal diamonds.

Also, the making process for live diamonds vs. diamonds differs slightly, especially with the addition of live resin for live diamonds.

Differences Between Diamonds and Live Resin

Cannabis concentrate in a black container.

Interestingly, both concentrates have much in common, but they also differ strongly. Here, we focus on the differences between them.

Live Resin vs. Diamonds: Extraction Method

The most significant difference between live resin and diamonds comes in this category. For live resin, manufacturers skip the drying and curing step, choosing instead to freeze the cannabis plants immediately after they are harvested. Then, solvents are used to extract the live resin.

On the other hand, the drying and curing process is a big part of making diamonds.

Diamonds vs. Live Resin: Potency

The potency of live resin products may differ from product to product, with each product containing different levels of THC, ranging from 30% to 85%. However, diamonds are typically more potent than live resin because their THCA or THC content ranges between 96% and 98%.

This means that the high you will get from a diamond is typically more than what a live resin product will give you.

Live Resin vs. Diamonds: Physical Structure

Generally, diamonds look like diamonds; they have a glossy and crystalline structure that makes them visually appealing. Also, manufacturers typically cut them into unique shapes and sizes based on demand, dosage, and aesthetics.

On the other hand, live resins are sticky and thick, thanks to their high terpene content.

Live Resin vs. Diamonds: Color

Live resins are usually light amber or dark amber in color, and this is because of the natural oils that are preserved in the concentrate when it is frozen.

On the other hand, diamonds tend to be milky white, with different shades depending on the cannabinoid.

Live Resin vs. Diamonds: Terpene Content

Live resin is extracted precisely to preserve the terpene content of cannabis plants; therefore, it contains more terpene content than diamonds. This explains why it has more flavor and taste than diamonds.

Where to Buy THCA Diamonds Online

If you are a fan of an intense “high” experience that takes you to the highest clouds and back, then THCA diamonds are designed for you. Shop the Imperial website for THCA diamonds and more.

$24.00 available on subscription from $19.00 / week
$24.00 available on subscription from $19.00 / week
$24.00 available on subscription from $19.00 / week
$24.00 available on subscription from $19.00 / week
$24.00 available on subscription from $19.00 / week
$24.00 available on subscription from $19.00 / week

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