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With over 100 different cannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant, it’s no surprise that new compounds are continually being discovered and studied. Two of the most recent additions are THCH and THCP, which have attracted attention for their potential therapeutic properties and unique chemical structures. So, how do these two newbies stack up against each […]

Is THCP Safe?

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As the cannabis world evolves, exciting new cannabinoids like THCP are emerging, catching everyone’s attention. But is THCP safe? In this article, we’ll dive into the safety of THCP, exploring its benefits, potential risks, and tips for responsible use. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis fan or just starting, this guide will help you decide if […]

THCP vs. Delta 9 THC

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Cannabis is a fascinating plant that naturally produces a diverse array of compounds. Among these, delta 9 THC stands out as the primary psychoactive component and the most well-known cannabinoid. However, the increasing interest in hemp-derived alternative cannabinoids has brought a variety of new and intriguing compounds to the forefront, such as THCP. In this […]


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THCP and THCO are two innovative and psychoactive cannabinoids derived from hemp. These compounds have recently emerged on the market, introducing unique properties that are beginning to reshape the cannabis landscape. There are still many questions surrounding these new additions, so let’s delve into the distinctive features of THCP and THCO. We’ll provide you with […]

How Strong is THCP?

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THCP is making waves in the cannabis world for its exceptional potency and unique effects. But just how strong is THCP compared to other cannabinoids? In this article, we will delve into the science behind THCP, compare it to other well-known cannabinoids like THC, and explore what makes it one of the most powerful compounds […]

Does THCP Get You High?

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One of the newest additions to the expanding world of cannabinoids is THCP, a compound that has been gaining attention for its significantly increased psychoactivity. But what exactly is this new cannabinoid, and more importantly: Does THCP get you high?  Let’s investigate this question and examine THCP’s nature, exceptional potency compared to other cannabinoids, effects, […]

Best THCP Disposables: What to Look For

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Looking to explore the world of THCP in a convenient and hassle-free way? Look only as far as our comprehensive guide to the best THCP disposable vape pens on the market. With the cannabis industry constantly evolving, navigating through the plethora of options can be daunting. But fear not, as we’ve done the legwork to […]