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Imperial THC-P vape pod box, strawberry pound cake flavor, next to a pod on ash background

With over 100 different cannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant, it’s no surprise that new compounds are constantly being discovered and studied. Two of the most recent additions to this list are THCH and THCP, which have gained attention for their potential therapeutic properties and unique chemical structures. THCH has a 10 times stronger affinity […]

Is THCP Synthetic?

A man sits on a chair, exhaling smoke, with an Imperial vape cartridge of Indica London Pound Cake flavor beside him

The hemp industry continually evolves, with discoveries and innovations transforming our understanding of this versatile plant. Among these advancements, THCP stands out as a game-changer. Having a potency 33 times higher than the regular THC, THCP has swiftly garnered popularity, challenging conventional knowledge about hemp-derived compounds. But is THCP synthetic? Keep reading to find the […]

THCP vs. Delta 9

Imperial vape pen showcasing two distinct flavors: Strawberry Pound Cake and Bacio Gelato, set against a white background

Cannabis is a truly fascinating plant that naturally produces a diversity of compounds. Among these, we have delta 9 THC, the primary psychoactive component of cannabis and the most famous cannabinoid. However, the growing rise of hemp-derived alternative cannabinoids has led to the emergence of a variety of new and intriguing compounds, like THCP. Keep […]


Two different flavors of Imperial vape cartridges, Berry Gelato and Watermelon Sherbet, are placed on a white surface

If you’re reading this, you’re probably curious about THCP and THCO, two innovative and psychoactive cannabinoids derived from hemp. These compounds have recently entered the market, bringing with them unique properties that are starting to change the cannabis landscape. There are still many questions surrounding these new additions, so we’re going to explore the distinctive […]