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THCA Diamonds vs. Live Resin

THCA loaded preroll from Imperial with diamonds behind it.

Debates are never too far away in the world of cannabis and hemp-derived products. One popular controversy you’ll typically encounter is the THCA diamonds vs. live resin argument. Which is better? And what makes one different from the other? In this article, we attempt to extensively compare THCA diamonds and live resin while highlighting their […]

How is THCA Flower Made?

A selection of Imperial Extraction THCA pre rolls

From their meticulously curated growth conditions to their unique harvesting process, the journey of THCA flower manufacturing holds the key to unlocking the full potential of this non-intoxicating cannabinoid. Not surprisingly, many cannabis enthusiasts are also curious about THCA flowers. Why are they special? How are they made? Are they similar to other cannabinoid flowers, […]