LA King Kush Strain Review

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Have you ever wondered why LA King Kush is dubbed the royalty of cannabis strains? This legendary blend promises a unique experience, fusing relaxation with a creative spark.

In this LA King Kush strain review, we delve into its rich aroma, potent effects, and why it stands out in the crowded world of cannabis. Keep reading to unravel its secrets and decide if it’s the right choice for your next session.

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Key Takeaways

  • LA King Kush hits just perfect with its 19% average THC content and delivers earthy notes reminiscent of pine and menthol, which translates into a flavor profile worthy of cannabis aristocracy.
  • This regal beauty boasts dense buds adorned with a rich tapestry of glittering trichomes.
  • The prevailing opinion among most experts suggests a connection to the OG Kush lineage, possibly intertwined with Abusive OG.
  • LA King Kush’s regal banquet of flavors is an exquisite feast for the palate, delighting users with reported tastes of earthy pine and menthol with slightly creamy, nutty notes that send you on an aromatic and flavorful journey fit for cannabis royalty.

What is the LA King Kush Strain?

LA King Kush is a well-balanced hybrid cannabis strain with elusive genetic roots. Speculations surround its lineage, suggesting a connection to the renowned OG Kush, possibly a chosen phenotype of Abusive OG, or a combination of both strains.

LA King Kush hits just perfect with its 19% average THC content and delivers earthy notes reminiscent of pine and menthol, which translates into a flavor profile worthy of cannabis aristocracy.

Despite its mysterious origin, LA King Kush is a favorite among those seeking an effective lift in mood and relaxation for sore muscles.

LA King Kush Strain Appearance

A woman holds a joint, her left hand on her forehead, expressing stress

Picture the opulent robes of a king, and you’ll begin to envision the LA King Kush strain. This regal beauty boasts dense buds adorned with a rich tapestry of glittering trichomes.

The vibrant green hues, woven with hints of royal purple, give the buds a majestic appearance. Dark orange hairs, like strands of fine silk, add the finishing touch to this visually appealing strain.

LA King Kush Strain Genetics

As with the ancestry of monarchs, the precise genetics of LA King Kush remain shrouded in mystery. Nonetheless, the prevailing opinion among most experts suggests a connection to the OG Kush lineage, possibly intertwined with the esteemed Abusive OG.

The secrecy surrounding its heritage only adds to the allure of this enigmatic yet increasingly popular strain.

THC/CBD Content

Fit for royalty, this strain commands an average 17-21% THC level that catapults users into euphoria and relaxation. However, this elusive King may be banned in some kingdoms due to its high THC content, especially in domains with strict restrictions towards delta 9.

As the market embraces the rise of legal, hemp-derived cannabinoids, the trend of THCA-infused hemp strains keeps growing as a risk-free option to get high.

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But knowing your strain’s THCA or delta 9 percentage is not enough. To choose cannabis products more accurately based on the experience we want, it is important to consider the properties of THCA vs. delta 9 and comprehend the transformation from non-intoxicating THCA to psychoactive delta 9 THC through decarboxylation.

These prerolls will indeed get you high, as long as you smoke them properly, as the THCA in them will transform to delta 9.

LA King Kush Strain Terpenes

LA King Kush stands out due to its unique aromatic combination derived from its regal lineage. Myrcene is the predominant terpene, with limonene and caryophyllene contributing to a captivating combination.

  • Myrcene plays a role in creating the deep, earthy, and musky aromas of LA King Kush, enhancing its relaxing properties and synergizing with THC through the entourage effect.
  • Limonene takes the spotlight, bringing lively citrus notes that animate the captivating scent of this strain, enriching the therapeutic profile of this delight.
  • Caryophyllene contributes sharp, peppery, spicy, and slightly gassy or herbal scents that complement LA King Kush’s profile. It also provides analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

LA King Kush Strain Effects

This strain will take you on a magnificent journey from the very first hits, demonstrating why LA King Kush is deserving of its throne. Its effects include:

  • Blissful Elevation – Lifts your mood with a delightful aura.
  • Royal Relaxation – Eases muscles into profound tranquility.
  • Creative Burst – Ignites creative thinking and mental clarity.

We know the ambiguous psychoactive/non-psychoactive nature of THCA has many users wondering if THCA-infused strains make you high.

The answer is that, when subjected to heat through smoking, vaping, or cooking, THCA transforms into delta 9 THC, delivering a high indeed. The effects of decarboxylated THCA closely mirror those of regular delta 9 strains.

The difference lies in THCA-strains’s slightly milder potency, which offers a manageable and equally pleasurable high.

LA King Kush Strain Reported Flavors

LA King Kush offers a delightful mix of flavors that’s a real treat for your taste buds. People say it tastes like fresh pine and cool menthol, with a hint of creamy, nutty flavors. It’s like going on a tasty adventure, perfect for anyone who loves trying out different cannabis flavors.

LA King Kush Strain Growing Info

Cultivating LA King Kush is a breeze for both beginners and seasoned growers. With a flowering period of 8-10 weeks indoors, this hybrid strain rewards cultivators with resinous buds and generous yields.

Outdoors, LA King Kush thrives in warm climates, promising an ample harvest.

LA King Kush plants exhibit robust growth and moderate cultivation difficulty, making them suitable for various skill levels.

For those curious about how our THCA flower is made, it’s a straightforward process that involves infusing fresh LA King’s Kush buds with our fine, lab-tested THCA extract for enhanced psychoactive qualities.

Strains like LA King Kush Strain

If you can’t get LA King Kush near you, several strains with similar qualities and flavors can closely mimic the experience that LA King Kush provides. Some of those strains are:

  • Ghostbreath
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Pink Runtz
  • Kushberry
  • Mike Larry

Where to Find the LA King Kush Strain

If you are looking for LA King Kush near you, you should know that this elusive monarch can make you travel far to meet it.

The most reliable and convenient option, by far, is to buy directly from reputable sources with a proven commitment to quality, like us.

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Final Thoughts

As we draw the curtains on our exploration of LA King Kush, it’s evident that this strain earned its throne with honors. With mysterious origins, captivating effects, and a flavor profile that can please the most demanding palates, LA King Kush reigns as a favorite, making waves among cannabis enthusiasts.

The journey into this LA King Kush’s kingdom offers a regal experience – a testament to the diverse and enchanting world of cannabis strains.

LA King Kush: Frequently Asked Questions

Is LA King Kush Indica or Sativa?

LA King Kush is a hybrid strain, combining indica and sativa characteristics in its final effects.

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