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In the United States alone, there are tens of thousands of individuals incarcerated for cannabis-related charges. Although there have been reforms in cannabis legislation, there are more arrests for cannabis possession than all violent crimes combined – about 1.16 million per year. These arrests vastly and disproportionately affect communities of color, with Black citizens being almost four times as likely to be arrested for non-violent cannabis charges.

That is why Imperial Extraction is partnering with Last Prisoner Project (LPP). Our collective mission is to support individuals unjustly imprisoned for cannabis-related offenses, many of whom currently lack the essential knowledge and financial resources to access legal help and future assistance upon their release.


Last Prisoner Project focuses on three reform projects to grant freedom to those wrongfully imprisoned for cannabis-related charges. 

  • ReleaseFocusing on releasing those imprisoned for cannabis-related charges at both the state and federal levels. 
  • Record ClearingEven minor conviction charges can become a barrier for those looking to get jobs and move forward with their lives. We aim to make automatic record clearance for marijuana offenses the standard in states that have legalized or decriminalized cannabis.
  • Reentry – Resources are provided to ensure constituents have the tools to rebuild their lives successfully and rejoin society. Pathways are also rated to help people gain employment opportunities within the legal cannabis industry.


As a business taking part in the cannabis industry, we must do all we can to reverse the injustices placed upon this legislation and the communities it affects. Our contributions include:

  • Commissary Support Fund with partial support from Imperial Extraction, LPP will regularly disburse commissary funds for prisoners. These funds help those incarcerated purchase clothing, toiletries, and various foods. 
  • Participating in rotating monthly campaigns – a portion of our proceeds going directly to LPP and their causes.
  • Social media & Email campaigns – to spread awareness of LPP and its inspiring mission, making it possible for you to support their cause alongside us.


Last Prisoner Project runs several campaigns that anyone can participate in:

  • Pen to Right History A signature from President Biden or a U.S. governor could change the landscape of cannabis justice for thousands of prisoners.
  • Money for Commissary – LPP donates quarterly to qualifying incarcerated individuals for commissary needs. Contact LPP using the provided email link to see if you or a loved one qualifies for quarterly funding.
  • Pardons to ProgressThis campaign calls on the President and state governors to grant amnesty to tens of thousands of people who remain incarcerated due to nonviolent cannabis convictions.
  • Letter Writing ProgramWrite a letter to someone incarcerated for cannabis charges. Using the digital portal, you can remind incarcerated individuals that they are not alone, people are fighting for them, and they have not been forgotten.
  • Reentry Grant Program –  Those unjustly incarcerated due to cannabis criminalization don’t have to reenter society alone. LPP’s one-time grant provides previously incarcerated individuals housing, medical expenses, and transportation funds.
  • Cannabis Industry Education – Many educational institutions have developed certification courses and programs within the cannabis industry to assist those who are interested in pursuing a career in the growing legalized field of cannabis. Those who have been negatively affected by cannabis criminalization are especially encouraged to apply.